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The Principle of Normalization in Human Services (1972) was a best selling book that revolutionized community services.  It was selected as the most influential work of the second half of the XXth Century in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Training Institute Publication Series (TIPS) – From 1981 to 2007 Wolfensberger self-published a “newsletter” that commented on the “signs of the times.”  From the 1st issue: “In every issue, efforts will be made to provide a balance of items relating to issues with which the TI is identified, such as new developments in the normalization principle, service quality and evaluation developments and training, moral and values issues and their role in human services, etc. This periodical will make a conscious attempt to highlight positive developments as well as disclosure and analysis of perversions–before, during and after their occurrence. Hopefully, TIPS will provide a support mechanism to people out in the field, as well as a vehicle for information-sharing of common concerns or interests.”


A complete bibliography of Wolfensberger’s published works is available on this website under “Wolf Wolfensberger Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography

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