Festschrift Videos

Here are the video-recordings of the May 2023 Festschrift presentations that are based on the chapters the book “Wolf Wolfensberer: The Influence of the Person and His Ideas today”

Chapter 1 : Susan THOMAS, A Brief Biographical Sketch of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, https://keystoneinstitute.net/briefbioww

Chapter 2 : Susan THOMAS, A Tracing of the Timelines of the Work of Wolf Wolfensberger, https://keystoneinstitute.net/Timelinessusanthomas

Chapter 3 : Eric EVANS, There was No Place like Nebraska: Wolf Wolfensberger and the Beginning of Community-Based Services, COMING SOON

Chapter 4 : Zana Marie LUTFIYYA, Changing a Country: Wolf Wolfensberger and the Principle of Normalization in Canada, COMING SOON

Chapter 5 : The Syracuse University Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry (TI) During the Years 1973 to 2011, https://keystoneinstitute.net/theTIyearsosburn

Chapter 7 : Raymond LEMAY, The Early Work and Teaching on Planning and Change Agentry, and What Became of it, COMING SOON

Chapter 8 : John ARMSTRONG, Evolving Concepts of Service Quality: Normalization and Social Role Valorization, https://keystoneinstitute.net/Evolvingconceptsjohnarmstrong

Chapter 9 : Tom MALCOMSON, Wolf Wolfensberger’s Use of History, https://keystoneinstitute.net/wolfensbergerhistoryuse

Chapter 10 : Jo MASSARELLI, The Prophetic Voice of Wolf Wolfensberger: His Faith in Light of His Teaching on Personalism and Deathmaking, COMING SOON

Chapter 11 : Darby KURTZ, Wolf P. Wolfensberger Collection at UNMC McGoogan Health Sciences Library, https://keystoneinstitute.net/thewolfensbergercollection

Chapter 12 : The Ongoing Legacy of Wolf Wolfensberger: “But where are moral services to come from?, https://keystoneinstitute.net/OngoinglegacyMtumeinski